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I Love Free Software

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Last year, I drew a comic stip about the event I Love Free Software organized by the FSFE. Today, I tweeted it again and was asked by the Twitter of the FSFE if I could translate it to English. I did it and you can read it below. I did my best but obviously there might be some incorrect Frenglish translations as I’m not a native English speaker 🙂

I also had to get rid of one of the jokes that was not translatable. Let me explain it instead: in French, « discriminative » is « discriminant », which sounds like « dis crie minant » (« say scream minant« ). So the joke was:

  • Discriminant (= say « scriminant »)
  • « Scriminant. » (= scream « minant »)
  • « MINANT! »

(Which is obviously the best joke in the world, I know.)

Anyway, welcome to all English-speaking readers who are not familiar with this French blog, and have a nice Free Software/Valentine’s Day 😉

Ceci est une traduction de l’article J’aime le logiciel libre à la demande de la FSFE. J’ai dû virer la blague sur « discriminant » qui n’est pas traduisible 😉



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