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I Love Free Software

Publié le 14 février 2016 par Gee dans Dépêches Melba

(Français ci-dessous)

Last year, I drew a comic stip about the event I Love Free Software organized by the FSFE. Today, I tweeted it again and was asked by the Twitter of the FSFE if I could translate it to English. I did it and you can read it below. I did my best but obviously there might be some incorrect Frenglish translations as I’m not a native English speaker 🙂

I also had to get rid of one of the jokes that was not translatable. Let me explain it instead: in French, « discriminative » is « discriminant », which sounds like « dis crie minant » (« say scream minant« ). So the joke was:

  • Discriminant (= say « scriminant »)

  • « Scriminant. » (= scream « minant »)

  • « MINANT! »

(Which is obviously the best joke in the world, I know.)

Anyway, welcome to all English-speaking readers who are not familiar with this French blog, and have a nice Free Software/Valentine’s Day 😉

FSFE banner

Ceci est une traduction de l’article J’aime le logiciel libre à la demande de la FSFE. J’ai dû virer la blague sur « discriminant » qui n’est pas traduisible 😉

I Love Free Software

Today is Valentine's day!

Another opportunity to choose your side and stick to it despite all opposition.

Let me remind you of the possible “sides”:

One guy says: “I'm single and I couldn't give a crap.  Glad I'm not in a relationship so I don't have to go through all this bullshit.” Another one, sad : “Pffff, I hate it when couples shove their happiness in our faces like that... I'm so tired of being alone...” A guy and a girl in a relationship: “We're a couple and couldn't give a crap either.” “Yep, that's just another commercial event created to sell flowers and chocolate.  We do not need a dedicated day to love each other, we do that all year long!”

Two guys in a relationship: “We are a couple and we think that's nice!  It is one opportunity to go to a good restaurant or to give presents!” A single girl: “I'm single but this is still a nice day ! We're celebrating love.  For couples, yes, but also friends, families and everything!”

▶️ The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has chosen to join this last side to extend it to love for Free Softwares and their developers!

Whether you are single, living in a couple, a trouple, etc.

(I'm trying to be as little discrimative as possible...)

Today, let's put our differences and trolls aside...

A table with the gnu of GNU, Tux and Gee sitted between them. Gee says: “I got us all together so that we can consider reconciliating you two.” The gnu, arms crossed: “Well... when he calls our system GNU/Linux instead of Linux, then we'll start talking.” Tux: “Oh yeah? Any progress on Hurd?”

... and let's join our voices to say a big

THANK YOU (surrounded by hearts)

to the developers of all these amazing softwares that we can use every day with utter freedom and without whom our computer life would be so different...

A happy guy says: “Woohoo! I love you, MacOS!” An Apple logo represented as a padlock: “Oh yeah? Well, that's 30 euros for a kiss. But don't worry, it's a good quality kiss now.  We're not peasants, here.  What, you're not happy? Happiness is 450 quids, want some? However, it's not compatible with other people's happiness, of course.”

Dear developers, dear translaters, dear graphic designers, dear donors, dear maintainers, all of you people who give some of your precious time for Free Software...

A big red heart with “WE LOVE YOU!” written on it.

A developer is shown behind is computer, happily surprised: “Is it true? You do love me?  Well that is kernel-warming!” Note: Comic under CC BY SA license (, drawn on February 14, 2015 by Gee.

Publié le 14 février 2016 par Gee dans Dépêches Melba


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